Am a self made Coder who comes from a scripting background all the way to core hard coding. I started out as a computer scripter and interest gained in the field of computer virus scripting which made me feel great and later that “great” made me realize the power behind the one thing man has always been scared of and that Systems automation. It was then that i tried to make my first automated system from batch and later advanced to Vbs and js, this real opened my mind to start and think in line with A.I a time back around 2007. Since then i have been coding scripts that my clients use to disaffect their systems of any damage and now as experience gained ground, i entered into the world of commercial coding where i started to make applications for educational purposes and monetary reasons. This field is way too diverse and great to try out if you are new dont mind it. Just be ready for the fun.

And be ready to be introduced to yet another field once ready to try out more cool stuff.

Make more cool and stable automated scripts that make more of life ease.