Do you think you can run from the To-Come Artificial Intelligence future? if you feel scared of the what to come then you might be among the rest of the 93% who are trying to reason their way through to defending the reason why humans are more proficient. Tho then comes the facts for the numbers never lie, it is a fact that A.I can perform an action over and over and still manage to get it perfect per execution regardless of how many time it is to run and the level at which A.I Gains momentum is enormous. You cant believe how long a human can take to study modern medicine and still manage to fail while A.I can master the brains of its creator and manage to learn over a lil time capsule. So back to the point, can we avoid AI, i guess not for the number never lie. What you need to ask self is who is more to be damaged by AI?

Are you among the thousands to be affected greatly? Write back to me with a reason to as to why you think u are right about your suggestion and thoughts.